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Turning beer into water: Bars and restaurants as well as companies (and brewers, too) are looking for ways to include their customers, give them attention and recognition – to reach out to consumers craving ‘human’ brands. While people share acts of kindness online, offline impact is  also incredibly important. The need to feel part of the greater good, to contribute, to help beautifully coincides with the emergence of a culture of individuals who share, engage, create and collaborate in large numbers. Doing good and spreading the word is the latest trend.

Saturá's vision is to make investing in impact entrepreneurs commonplace at Impact Hours as well as with Impact Kegs and Impact Taps all over the world. …imagine if every sip of delicious craft beer you or your guests take is also an investment in the social capital of our planet...

Impact Hour

A Saturá Impact Hour works much like the well-known Happy Hour format only the event is designed to raise awareness for climate change and water scarcity and the proceeds from the event are directed to water entrepreneurs. The host is free to get creative and can offer snacks or even invite a band to play. Often times this can also be combined with a meet the brewer session. Let your creativity flow!

Participants:  Lemke Berlin, BRLO, Schoppe Bräu, Hops & Barley, Lenny's Artisinal Ales, CraftZentrum, Schneeeule, 2D2Dspuma Bar (Barcelona), Mikkeller (Barcelona), Gruit & Beer (Moscow), Krapiva Bar (Moscow), Stone Brewing, Protokoll (Berlin), Mosaik (Catania) Good Food (Catania), Yblon Brewery (Sicily), Epica Brewery (Sicily), Beereau (Berlin), Flaschbierschop (Berlin), The Castle (Berlin), Bierlieb (Berlin), Giesenger Bräu (Munich), Bierlinie (Berlin).

Impact Keg

An Impact Keg works in principle the same way as an Impact Hour with the engagement extended to an entire keg or even several kegs.

Participants: Espiga (offical Impact Beer of Barcelona Beer Festival), Heidenpeters and Hops & Barley (Official Impact Beer Berlin Beer Week 2018), Stone Brewing, Protokoll (Berlin), BRLO Brwhouse, Good Food (Catania), Mosaik (Catania), Yblon Brewery (Sicily), Epica Brewery (Sicily), Birrificio Alveria  (Sicily), Lenny's Artisinal Ales, Schoppe Bräu, Brewfist (Italy), CraftZentrum, Mikkeller (Barcelona), Beerket (Barcelona), Brewdog (Barcelona), Tap-House (Munich).

Impact Tap

The Impact Tap takes the Impact Keg to the next level. Here, one of the taps at an establishment is wholly dedicated to Saturá and its mission.

Participants: Saturá Bar - Save Beer Save the Planet (BBW 2017), Kaschk (Berlin), Santa Cantina (Berlin).
In planning: Birrificio Bordello (Catania), Piazzetta Saturá (Catania) (Saturá operated locations).

Other Saturá Innovations:

Collaboration beers in planning: Heidenpeter's (Berlin), Straßenbräu (Berlin), Pirates (Berlin), Schneeeule (Berlin), BrauKraft (Munich), Lenny's Artisinal Ales (Berlin), Birrificio Epica (Sicily), Alveria (Sicily), Gruit & Beer (Moscow), On the Bones St. Petersburg), Green Street Brewery (Moscow), Espiga (Barcelona).
Saturá Impact Pack in collaboration with Bierothek
Saturá Save Beer Save the Planet Pack in collaboration with Bierothek
In planning: Saturá Impact Pale Ale distributed by Bierothek.

Inquiries welcome at

Click here for a detailed presentation.

Click here for a video that shows how much fun making an impact with Saturá is.

We would be delighted to provide you with additional information about how you can be part of the Saturá Impact Crew!

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