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Good News

Africa GreenTec wins Energy Award Prize!

So delighted that Africa GreenTec's Solar Container won a major Energy Award Prize!

Saturá is proud to support this outstanding social business.


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Recent Impact Hours/ Impact Kegs

Saturá Impact Keg with Espiga's Blonde Ale brewed as official Impact Beer at Barcelona Beer Festival

March 08, 2018

Saturá Impact Hour in full swing with Cervesa Espiga's special Blonde Ale brewed for Barcelona Beer Festival

Saturá Impact Keg with Stone Brewing at Protokoll Berlin

November 02, 2017

This November 3, Protokoll, in collaboration with Stone Brewing is proud to present 'Impact Keg' with the Stone Berlin Pilot Series Ginger Lime Sour (Sour Ale with Ginger, 9%) as a fundraiser for the FLOW (For the Love of Water) fund. The whole keg will be on tap and all proceeds are going to raising awareness and funds for water entrepreneurs in emerging countries working to provide water security in places where climate change is a ruthless reality.
Come hang out this Friday and grab a glass (or three) of this exclusive pilot beer from Stone Brewing. Drink beer, do good.

Saturá Impact Island at opening of

June 29, 2017

Thanks Bart for the Impact Island at the opening of your amazing agency ! Thanks as well well to Dirk for the great beers from Bierlinie we were able to save just before their best before date! A new concept is born: Save beer, Save the planet! 50 euro fundraised.

Impact Hour at Krapiva bar in Moscow

May 13, 2017

Thank you Tanya for your incredible keg of beer from your Gruit & Beer brewery. I can't wait to collaborate later this year in Moscow again! 50 euro fundraised!

Impact Keg at Mikkeller Barcelona

March 23, 2017

Thanks Arturo for hosting the Saturá Impact Keg event in your great Mikkeller location in Barcelona. 100 euro fundraised!

Impact Keg at La Rovira in Barcelona

March 24, 2017

Thank you Noemi for an incredible vibe at the Saturá Impact Keg event in your very cozy location! 100 euro fundraised!

Impact Hour at 2D2Dspuma Bar in Barcelona

March 26, 2017

Thank you Maria and Susana for a great time at the Saturá Impact Hour in your very cozy bar. Looking forward to our continued collaboration! 100 euro fundraised

Impact Keg at Beerket Barcelona

March 22, 2017

Thanks Victor for a great Saturá Impact Keg with the Barcelona Beer Festival Beer brewed by Espiga. 100 euro fundraised!

Impact Partner at Barcelona Beer Festival!

March 24, 2017

Espiga brewery in collaboration with Saturá brewed one of the four festival beers emphasizing the four main ingredients in beer. The beer representing water is an India Pale Ale featuring burtonized water and California yeasts. It was a bit hit! Here are the brewers Arnau Rovira and Teresa Galvan with Trent zum Mallen at the Barcelona Beer Festival.

Impact Hour Keg at Flaschbierschop

October 20, 2016

This time we had a Beeritivo surprise in store for you at the Flaschbierschop craft beer store. Get an early start to your weekend with the debut of the Beeritivo! Proceeds of 100 euro go to the Saturá FLOW fund!

Impact Hour Keg at CraftZentrum

October 07, 2016

On Saturday the 8th of October Saturá and CraftZentrum invite you drink for good at the "Impact Hour" we are holding during the Fall Rallye of the CRC with more than 60 cars from 1929 to 1992. From 6 pm to end (at least midnight) all the proceeds from an Impact keg of Imperial Brown Ale will be going to the mobile solar container with energy storage for Djooliba in Mali (there are 9 other kinds of beers on tap and 20 more in bottles at the event). The Imperial Brown Ale (7.2%) was brewed with cocoa and coffee beans, dry-hopped with kaffee and vanilla and aniseed and a collaboration brew between the Italian BREWFIST and Polnish BROWARIAT, assisted by Seven Hill Brewing from Moscow and brewed at Camba Bavaria after the Braubevialle 2015. Come join us for Impact Hour Keg. EUR 150 go to the FLOW Fund. Thank you to our great hosts at Craftzentrum!

Impact Hour June 29, 2016 at Bierlieb Berlin

Dear #GoOutDoGooders! Thank you from us for coming out to the Saturá Impact Hour last night at Bierlieb in such great numbers. I hope you enjoyed Lenny’s great brews (we finished the kegs – so I guess you did!) and had a nice time. I’d like to thank Cristal and Christian for being partnering up with me and being fantastic hosts of the Saturá Impact Hour.
We raised a whopping EUR 400 which will be invested in solar containers in Djoliba, Mali.

Impact Hour July 9, 2016 at Gesundbrewing

A big thank you to Peter Schnitz and Ulrike Genz for being the sponsors of Impact Hour Gesundbrewing featuring Schneeeule powered by Saturá this Saturday. In just two hours 50! Berliner Weisse exited the fridge and were enjoyed in the traditional large glasses. Schneeeule Berlin's generous contribution of €1 per bottle translates into €50 going into the FLOW (For the Love Of Water) fund. I couldn't be more pleased. ‪#‎gooutdogood‬. Stay tuned for more Impact Hours!

Impact Hour July 23, 2016 at CraftZentrum

UPDATE: Thanks to Ivan and his great team at CraftZentrum we had a really marvelous day and the FLOW fund has 100 more euros to boot!

Probably the most chilled Saturá event ever! A huge thank you to Ivan for hosting us on a glorious summer day both at the beach and in the beautifully designed tasting room at CraftZentrum. From 12 pm to 8 pm 50% of each Imperial Brown Ale sold went to the mobile solar container with energy storage for Djooliba in Mali. Ivan is still tallying the results and they will be reported ASAP.

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More Impact Hours

Impact Hour with Hops & Barley at StadtLandFood Festival in Kreuzberg

September 30, 2016

Saturà Impact Hour with Hops & Barley at StadtLandFood at Markthalle Neun with Altbier, Secret Ale, Belgian Double and Cider from a Berlin institution. Proceeds go the Solar Container in Mali. Thank you Hops & Barley and Philipp for a wonderful Saturá Impact Hour. 120 euros and a lot of engaged drinkers are the result.

Impact Hour with Schoppe Bräu at Park(ing) Day

September 24, 2016

What a blast to be on the road on the last day of summer in Berlin with the magical Flying Turtle visiting a few Park(ing) day sites with Saturá's Impact Hour! Thank you Torsten for the great beer and the incredible (very spontaneous) support yesterday. EUR 100 will flow the FLOW fund and into the Solarcontainer social enterprise in Mali. Can't wait to do this again!! #gooutdogood #satura #Solarcontainer #Schoppebraeu #Parkingday 

Impact Hour at BRLO Brwhouse

July 26, 2016

UPDATE: The postponed event just one week late was a great evening of music and great beer! Thanks to the generous folks at BRLO, 200 euro was raised for the FLOW fund!

On Wednesday the 27th of July Saturá and BRLO invite you drink for good at the "Impact Hour" we are holding during the Berlin Beer Week: Think about how lucky you are to have access to clean and safe water. Every day, hundreds of millions of people suffer from a lack of access to the same thing. Water. It's the essence of beer. The essence of life. Our immense challenge now as a species is to effectively conserve, manage and distribute water. Imagine if you could help by drinking fresh, delicious craft beer. Imagine if every sip of beer you sipped was also an investment into the social capital of our planet! BRLO in collaboration with Saturá, is proud to present 'Impact Hour' in the BRLO Beergarden as a fundraiser for the FLOW (For the Love of Water) fund. From 6 pm to 9 pm each BRLO beer sold at the firetruck €1 will be going to the mobile solar container with energy storage for Djooliba in Mali. Come join us for Impact Hour(s), drink beer, do good. #GoOutDoGood

Impact Hour at Lemke Stand at Berlin Craft Beer Festival

July 28, 2016

UPDATE: We had a great time at the Impact Hour at the Craft Beer Fest. 80 euros goes into the FLOW fund! Thank you guys for your support!

Come out to the Craft Beer Festival at the RAW Gelände and enjoy Lemke's finest beer. From 5 pm to 7 pm €1 euro per glass goes to the FLOW Fund. Official Closing Event of Berlin Beer Week – Berlin Craft Beer Fest 2016
RAW Area, Revaler Strasse 99. 

Impact Hour with a keg straight out of Franconia!

July 29, 2016

UPDATE:Thanks to Manuele and his magnificent team at Birra we emptied the keg and the FLOW fund has 50 more euros!

Come out and enjoy a freshly tapped keg of fantastic Franconian brew from 7 pm till the beer is gone. Birra is supporting the FLOW fund with €2! per glass.

Birra - Italian Craft Beer

Prenzlauer Allee 198

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