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No water. No life. Know water. Know life!

When water is threatened, all of life is threatened.

Saturá is an impact enterprise that employs innovative cause marketing formats to raise awareness for climate change and water security and raise funds to invest in social entrepreneurs in the water sector in emerging nations. Every time you participate in a Saturá event you make an investment in the social capital of our planet!

We live on a blue planet. Water makes life possible on earth. We emerged from it. We are made of it. We need it to survive. The challenge we face now is to effectively conserve, manage and distribute this priceless resource. The solutions for water security lie in the business community, technology, policy and people. 

Saturá is dedicated to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6: CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION. Ensuring universal access to safe and affordable drinking water for all by 2030 requires we invest in adequate infrastructure, provide sanitation facilities, and encourage hygiene at every level.


Together, we can can create a better future for all. Saturá has launched a suite of products to raise awareness and funds for waterpreneurs all over the world by embracing the call to action: 


As a social business, Saturá works on both conceptual and operational levels leveraging cause marketing to enable businesses to advance socializing their business culture and stakeholder activation while fundraising. Community activity is increasing greatly and the human factor represented by social media engagement will become a crucial element of business success.
Some say Social Impact Investing is the next Venture Capital. Saturá makes a contribution via social business that operates across sectors. The FLOW Social Investment Fund is the vehicle that will unite all the stakeholders. When it is established, the fund will leverage all the potential of innovative financing mechanisms. Until that time, Saturá will act as an enabler in two ways: By forwarding funds to like-minded organizations so Impact can start immediately. And by investing in Africa Greentec's Solartainer that provides some of Africa's most remote villages with energy and clean water.

At a Glance: Win Win Win

  • Participation in community, civic involvement

  • Increase awareness of social entrepreneurs and cause-oriented organizations

  • Feel part of greater good!

  • Share acts of altruism

  • Pay forward

  • Caters to feeling that social interests are equal to business interests

  • SROI, CSR, social marketing

  • Support local civic involvement

  • Exceptional advertising and Social Media marketing tool in connection with civic engagement

  • Access new customer and target groups

  • Interactive activity, business partners, customers, colleagues enter into dialogue

  • Investment in partnership with citizens and orgs – effect multiplied

  • The human factor – empathy

  • Being part of the Social Business movement

  • Consumers are attracted by companies with values similar to their own (trust, compassion, humanity)

  • Enabler, concept, implementation

  • Coordinates stakeholder involvement

  • Technology (apps etc)

  • Brings Social Business to Social Media

Water Entrepreneurs
  • Funding using innovative new ideas

  • Accessible to broad public using modern comm tools

  • New supporters, young generations motivated to act

  • New cooperation channels forged

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